MPM 1/72 HA-200

I have a MPM 1/72 HA-200 Saetta Spanish jet trainer kit. It's my first
short-run kit and I encounter problem on construction of the fore
undercarriage part. I scanned the instruction sheet on that part and put on
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The main diagram tells
you to put the undercarriage to the fore part of the wheelwell. However,
there is no hole provided. Moreover, on the profile on top right, it seems
that it should be put into a hole a bit fore on the fuselage. This causes me
puzzling. And there is not much photo of this plane, especially on that part
on the web. Can anyone give advice on this?
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I have a few photos on my website that seem to support the idea to fit the landing gear to the fuselage ahead of the wheel bay. A closer look reveals that on the real thing, the wheel bay extends very far, the forward part being just wide enough to enclose the gear strut. That part may not be reproduced by the kit properly.
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HTH Burkhard
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Burkhard Domke

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