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I was asked to give a price for converting hard copies to cad, I priced on
either scaning and tracing in cad or digitizing. I was undercut by a company
who offer vector conversions (I'm not bitter:-). My previous experience with
vector conversions is that they don't work very well, this was some years
ago so they have probably improved somewhat, the output cad drawing had
loads of little lines that made up one big line, it didn't recognixe the
text and also made them loads of lines, by the end of it I still had to
trace over the output drawing which took a similar sort of time as just
tracing over a bmp. Are there better vector conversion programs out there?,
ones which when converting say a rectangle the output drawing has only the 4
lines as 4 entities and not 5000 little lines. any suggestions on which
program I should check out will be greatly appreciated, I'm gonna go on
google as well but were all professionals here (supposedly) so your opinions
would usefull too.
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Download thge evaluation copy of Scan2CAD 7 from their web site and give it a go, version 7 also has OCR
You will find links on my AutoCAD FAQ Page at
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Raster conversion technology has come been considerably modernised by the WinTopo project. There is a freeware program that is very good, and a 'pro' (pay) version that is excellent. This program produces a very accurate vector representation of the scanned image, and it produces no more lines than are necessary to capture the detail. There are some 'Polyline Reduction' settings to trade-off number of lines against level of detail. The user interface is friendly and pleasant on the eye, and looks very professional (even the freeware!), and it is very quick. We use it daily for converting scanned images into CAD drawings. Visit
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to try it out and see for yourself.
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