missing toolbars in autocad2006

After installation of autocad 2006, I don't get any toolbar. Only a black
screen with on the bottom the commandline.
I tried already several re-installations, even formatting the whole pc and
with new updates (xp sp2), nothing helps till now.
With autocad 2005, this is no problem, so it's only in version 2006.
Is there anyone who can help me with this strange error?
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Charel Vankemzeeke
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The same errors for me, no toolbars and no menu. I have decided to install Autocad 2004 again!
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What kind of PC do you have? Is it a Packard Bell?
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Charel Vankemzeeke
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I have a notebook ASUS L3 with AMD Athlon XP Mobile.
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It sounds like the default folders have been plaaced out of the path. Under options/files, make sure the toolbar and menu names and paths are correct.
I used custom toolbars and menus so I had quite a chore getting them right. Try to use the default places for your TLB's and menus so Autocad doesn't mess up and lose them.
I hate the folder name "My Documents". It sounds too kindergartenish.
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