Is there a way to "nudge" an object w/keyboard arrows? Trying to make
very slight moves on a drawing and it's very tough to use a mouse.
I am new, btw!
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Is your SNAP setting set to "OFF" ?
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Dr Fleau
There are many ways to move an entity: by a distance, parallel to a line, to the end of a line, middle of a line, centre of a circle, etc., etc.
As has been mentioned - ensure that 'Snap' is off, or any move will jump from snap point to snap point.
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Yes, I have snap off. I'm just trying to see if there's a way to very slightly nudge an object left, right, etc. Kinda like the way you can in programs like Photoshop, MS Publisher, etc.
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you can enter any number you wish & it will move that far... 10000000000 or .0000000001 the possibilities are infinite
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AutoCAD is not a graphics program, and the exact position and size is usually the most important thing about a cad model.....
Having said that, a small macro could be programmed into a custom toolbar for your purposes, or you could use lisp in the button like this:
(command "move" pause "" "0,0" "0,1")
which will move a single selection up one unit.
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Michael Bulatovich

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