Phar Lap err 35

Could some one tell me what: Phar Lap err 35: The 386 chip is currently executing in virtual 8086 mode under the control of another program. You must turn off this other program in order to use

386|DOS-Extender to run in protected mode. ...

I'm attempting to make an old 486-33 run ver 11 Acad, Dos 6.22 - for a friend. It ran before on this same pc and I know of no programs running. How or where can I check? Is there some sort of patch available? I'm using all the old setups and bat files from 15 years ago. Did a google and found nothing.

Regards, JL

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Joe Lauton
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Go here and do a search for your error ...

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Chip Harper

Thanks Chip, This is a valuable link - - but it deals with ver 12 and later. I have 11. Found a couple of hints that may be worth testing.

The strange thing is that it worked 10 years ago - when the soldered in CMOS battery died. I have now overcome this hurdle with a phone battery, grinding and alligator clips .


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Joe Lauton

I suspect Phar Lap should NOT be running on a 486 system. I do not recall how it is initialized but I would check config.sys or autoexec.bat.

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