pline in lisp

I am trying to draw a polyline from within lisp with an unknown number of
points. Is there a simple way to loop until enter is hit and then move on
the next function. Something like:
(command "pline" pause "w" "1" "" [infinite pauses until enter])
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Cliff Davis
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On 15 Aug 2003, "Cliff Davis" used his great knowledge to say:
I'm not sure about that other verbose answer, but try this:
(command "._pline") (while (eq 1 (logand 1 (getvar "CMDACTIVE"))) (if a (command (setq a (getpoint a))) (command (setq a (getpoint))) ) )
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try this set of code for example:
(set pl-w-old (getvar "PLINEWID"))
(setvar "PLINEWID" 1)
(command "pline") (setq dg "N") (SETVAR "CMDECHO" 1) (while (= dg "N") (if (= (getvar "cmdnames") "PLINE") (command pause) (setq dg nil) ) )
(setvar "PLINEWID" pl-w-old)
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Works like a charm, as usual this newsgroup is a lifesaver. Thanks a million Cliff
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Cliff Davis

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