Raster Design 2007 Image Outlines

I run Raster Design 2007 on Autodesk Map 2007 and have a problem with
outlines around raster images. This is NOT related to the IMAGEFRAME
variable. IMAGEFRAME is set to off when this problem occurs.
I use multiple airphotos in .SID or ,TIF or .ECW ot .JPG formats and
the problem is the same.
The problem is that both on-screen and when I print to paper or .pdf,
there is an obvious white or coloured outline around the images. It
makes the drawings unusable.
Has anyone encountered this problem?? Any solutions?? Maybe another
system variable I don't know about?
My previous version of this software is 2004 for AutoCAD and Raster
Design, and the problem does not exist with this software. Before that
it was 2000 and no problem then either.
Any suggestions will be tried!
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