Req: Extruding pipe from elipse to circle X-section

Posted this one a few months ago, but didn't get any clear answers:
I'm trying to draw a pipe which tapers along a user defined path, but
which starts with eliptical cross section, and finishes with circular
cross section, morphing smoothly between the two.
I noticed a previous posting requesting info on a related problem of
how to do tapered extrusion of elipses into conoids, but it didn't
produce any answers.
Is there any way to do the above using existing AutoCAD2002 tools ?
Any LISP routines or affordable 3rd party tools out there that will do
the job?
Many thanks in anticipation
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HiHO; The least expensive program that will do a taper-morph is rhino from
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the other is catia and it's expensive and hard to learn. Check out the examples on the rhino site.
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Turbocad Pro will do it with ease and is about $200.00 less than Rhino. Others that can do this (on the expensive side) besides Catia are Pro Engineer, Inventor, Solid Works, Solid edge, Alebre Design. I'm sure there are more.
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Many Thanks both ! Will check out the packages you suggest. Are there any add-ons to do it directly from AutoCAD without having to buy & learn new software packages ?
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Does it need to be a solid? You can do it as a surface mode using ruled surface.
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