Req: 3D solids <==> 2D patterns

I'm designing some sculptures based on intersecting cones at different
angles using AutoCAD 2002 "solids" tools. I'd like to fabricate my
models from sheet steel. Is there an AutoCAD routine which will
"unwrap" a selected 3D surface into a 2D pattern, so that I can then
cut this pattern out of steel and bend it to recreate the 3D model.
Also, reversing the above process, is there a routine which will allow
you to take a 2D surface in AutoCAD and allow you to apply it and
"wrap it around" a solid of defined dimensions ?
If there's an existing AutoCAD command, downloadable LISP routine or a
3rd party software package that will do this, , I would be most
interested to know.
Many thanks in anticipation
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Unless 2002 is a _lot_ more powerful than 2000, bare AutoCAD can't do any of that.
Rhinoceros can. Its 'trim' tool works on intersecting cones, and it can unwrap any developable surface.
As for wrapping a surface around a solid, I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but I think I've seen it done in Rhino.
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Mike Halloran
Try out my unfolding program from
formatting link
Good luck! Jochen
"dave" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:
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Many thanks Mike !
I'll check out Rhino's web site.
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Thanks Jochen Looks interesting !! Best wishes Dave
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