Stripping XDATA

i have a number of drawings compiled from various sources and using various
versions AutoCAD and 3rd party applications ... many have APPIDs and XDATA which
are not being used ...
using the FILTER command to search for XDATA shows that there are dozens and
dozens of registerd APPIDs ...
not a problem for us ... but clients are reporting back that this is causing
them problems ...
and they are acting weirdly when i try to clean them up ... AUDIT ... reports
that there are a few XDATA APPIDs which are wrongly formatted and claims to have
fixed them ... but hasn't since re-running AUDIT comes back with the same error
the same number of times ...
does anybody have or know where i can get a bit of lisp to remove all XDATA and
APPIDs that i could stick into a drop-down ... ???
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