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Hi All, can someone tell me if Autocad can calculate the surface area of a
hole? What I mean is, if you take a solid block,, then take an irregularly
shaped solid, a Kidney shaped swimming pool with varing depth's, for ex.
then subtract the shape of the pool from the block to leave a pool-shaped
hole,, can you then, with Cad or some other program, calculate the internal
square footage of the 'hole' left by subtracting the one solid from the other?
Any help that you can offer will be very much appreciated, thanks.
Stay Loose
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Hi Valzer, I think I can write a LISP to do that. If the surface-model is a Polymesh or a series of 3d-faces I would change this in a series of triangulated 3d-faces. These ones can be changed to Regions. and from REGIONs you can get the area-information. It would take me approximately 2 days to write the program for you. In case of interest contact me via
formatting link
Regards Jochen
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If you know the surface area of the "solid block" then the SA of the block less the hole can be found using the area command. The number you want is the difference between the two.
BUT please note that acad returns total SA ie. SA of a 1 unit cube is 6. Cut a hole and the SA increases!
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