Subtracting solids

Solidworks 2007 SP5
Is it possible to subtract one solid from another in the same way that you can
combine them?
ie make 2 seperate solids and then subtract one from the other?
The reason I ask is that I am having problem creating a fillet after extracting
a solid feature.
In Catia the trick was to put the fillet on the extracted or subtracted solid
first, this of course means that you must be able to edit the extraction solid
before subtracting
it from the main body.
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Filleting is one place where you sometimes need to get creative.
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Insert --> Feature --> Combine, then choose the "Subtract" option.
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Thanks that worked great. This a really good trick when you cant get fillets to run properly by normal methods, edit the subtraction solid first. Its also a very good way to get cusped fillets with control on the cusp position.
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