Molding around a manifold

I am a block and hole type of designer so this is new to me. Picture a
set of small hypodermic tube manifolds (Y shaped) arranged in a row. I
have modeled them and spacially arranged them where I want them. I now
want to put a cube of plastic around them with the legs of the y's
still sticking out (molded around the tubes) I know I can make a cube
a mate it to the manifolds but how do I then cut out the plastic from
inside the tube. Is there a way to subtract one solid from another ?
I am not asking how to design the mold, I am going to let some small
run injection company tell me how to do that, I am simply trying to
model what the end result I would like to get to.
Any direction would be really appreciated.
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After you have the manifolds in position in the block run a "cavity" routine. If you want the plastic inside the tube removed, plug the open end of the tube in the block.
Mike Eckstein
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Michael Eckstein
Thanks Mike that worked great. Figured it was simple.
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