too many xrefs

hi guys.

I find myself on the tail end of a government project that has gone on for more than 5 years. cleaning up submittal drawing when some of the equipment has already been torn out and replaced....

yes, I fish for sympathy. but that's not the question, really, just the background.

I have never found much use for xrefs, since mine is basically a one seat company. these drawings have xrefs nested 6 levels deep. different versions, all the BS you would expect.

client asks other firm to send me files for me to edit. everybody is trying to get along - that's not the problem.

communications is the problem. the cad operator ultimately responsible to accumulate the data and burn me a CD really does not understand xrefs and I always end up without something. which is real irritating because I am so damned unfamiliar with them that I am not much help, unless I were sitting at HIS computer and could do a little searching.


is there a "best" command that would bind all the xrefs into one huge file so I could be sure I have everything and just sort out from there? (or would I even want to try all that sorting)

after all these years, the government employee in charge of reviewing the drawings usually is in enough of a hurry that the person sending me files needs to get it right the first time.

all suggestions welcome

Happy New Year to all.

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Sure, you can bind all the xrefs alltogether in a single operation, this is an option of the xref command. But you can end up with huge files... It's up to you. You should rather use the eTransmit command to send your drawings, all the Xrefs will be send along.


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