Two very basic question

I'm a new user of autocad. and I will use it only to design very simple
mechanical drawings
so my questions is better illustrated iwth a simple example
I create a square of 10 inches edge. I draw two circlels in it.
now I extrude the square to a cube (10x10x10). then I want to have the
circles to become holes one starting from the bottom surface and
entering the cube for 1 inch. and the other hole starting from the top
surface and entering for exmaple 2 inches into the cube.
My problem is that all the elements are on the bottom surface and when
I extrude I always extrude starting from the bottom. is there a way to
have one element positioned on the top and extrude from there negative?
I would like to find a way to make this more convenient than moving the
object physically with the mouse.
hope I was clear enough
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Change the Elevation property for the circle that will become the upper cylinder. You can also draw objects at any elevation you desire by simply setting the default Elevation before creating them. You can find lots of good information in HELP by pressing F1 and doing a bit of searching. ___
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Paul Turvill
thanks the elev is very helpful and immediately helped me out for the problem now other question related I made different objects at different elevations. let say now I changed my mind regardign an object. is it possible to change its value of elevation to another one with a command? thanks -Claudio
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Yes, with the CHANGE command. Or with the PROPERTIES dialog. ___
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Paul Turvill
What about MOVE?
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Michael Bulatovich
Oh boy. The general advisory attitude of the group is appreciated but using the F1 button should be more strongly suggested. Like during the former Chinese cultural revolution every unliterated peasant was entitled to attend any university faculty for education (high school studies beginning with primary school mathemathics like (1+1=2)).
Sorry for my bad english
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Draw the second circle on the top surface, set the UCS accordingly and extrude down. Learn about UCS it is very important in solid modelling and 3D surfaces.
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