Type of computer for autocad architechtural studio 05

I am a techsupport technicien in an representative company and i
normaly administer/build/maintain normal office workstation on my net. I
was asked to prepare a couple of machine for Autocad. I thought a Asus
P4C800-EDX 875P 800 FSB mother board (With a P4 3.0 with 1mo cache) with
a Nvidia Quatro FX 4 or ATI Fire GL video card would be acceptable. The
rest 1 gig memory and Sata drive.
If some experience users could give me their opinion, i would appreciate it.
Ernst Vikenstein
Sorry for the english, not my language.
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that's a little more than enough machine, but I wouldnt personally recommend anything less when you consider that some of them might get into some heavy 3D modelling - and also the overall longevity of the workstation is extended by overpowering the machine from the start.
I do the tech work on the computers and networking around here too, even though I'm an architect - and that spec. machine basically matches what we have been getting lately. we have 3 new machines that match that spec (basically) and they do very well.
The only other thing i would add to your spec list would be to go for at least a 21" flat screen CRT monitor w/ a very good refresh rate at high resolutions and a small dot pitch. Dual monitors would be something to consider if your budget allows - the two guys here that use a dual monitor setup cant beleive they ever used to work with a single monitor. When I watch them work, I start to feel the same way.
good luck.
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Trey Monsour
Dual monitors are great. What kind of video card are you using there??
Thanks, Battersby.
T.M. Battersby
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I'm not at the office right now, but I'm pretty sure they are both using nVidia Quadro cards.. the 750 and/or 900 XGL models are what i want to say they are. Either way, nVidia makes a pretty good CAD graphics card for a really good price, especially considering that almost all of their CAD (non-gamer) cards are dual monitor capable... and their software/drivers are nice too. The 'desktop manager' portion comes in very handy when using more than one monitor... lots of little bells and whistles in there.
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Trey Monsour

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