Which Color of background?

Which color is the best for working with AutoCad? I have black now, but I
had some kind of green before. I don¨t remember which number is this green,
but it was ok.
Which number of color you use?
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"Marulic" wrote in news:d7js0f$ign$ snipped-for-privacy@ss405.t-com.hr:
White. Used to use black (7?) on old versions, or monitors that had enough discharge to make your hair stand on end when most of the screen was white .... Colors can be selected from >tools>options or something. Easiest way to select a color (ACAD 2k anyway) is to look it up on the 'color control' pull-down. 'Other' pulls up all 256 standard colors, when you select one it gives you the AutoCAD color number.
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