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Hi to all,
I'm asking for advice in order to start working on metals.
Any idea will be much appreciated, from necessary tools to equipment etc etc.
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I'm not a blacksmith. I think the best for you is start to search the internet for blacksmith sites. They will give you an idea to start with basic and start making the other tools you need.
The Anvil is likely the most important element. A good fire source and having forming anvils and hammers... Seeing and watching YouTube and like on the other sites is best.
Good luck.
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Martin Eastburn
Fire management and getting the temperature of your metal right are important skills that you really need to be shown. You need to find a blacksmith nearby who can demonstrate or, better still, find a teaching smith or college course. you have not stated which country you are in, most countries have an organisation of smiths which can help. In the UK you would look up NAFBE of BABA.
Anvils can be a simple as a piece of heavy railway track, forges powered by coal, coke, charcoal or gas.
Other basic tools would be a good hammer and a set of tongs. A blacksmith is a tool maker so many tools are made "in house" once have the basics
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