cutting steel cable again

As I was digging through a box of magazines, catalogues etc looking for the manual for my bandsaw, I shoved aside an old magazine that caught my eye. Its the August 1996 Knives Illustrated. The thing that caught my eye was the back cover, a Spyderco Ad showing a cleanly cut piece of steel cable and a Clipit knife, it reads:

"Impossible you say? Of course it's impossible ! But, a few of our customers have managed to saw through steel cable in order to save a life. And the knife still shaved... Enough nonsense - it ruined the knife. But when a little determination and a CLIPIT get together amazing things happen."

Of course I thought of the Bastard :) and just had to post this. Inside that issue is a picture of a few old friends, no doubt why I hung onto it for so long.


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Always have a serrated pocket knife.

Forger wrote:

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You found the add!

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