How do I learn blacksmithing, or more about it, etc..?

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I was wondering if you might have any suggestions
>about blacksmithing that you wouldn't mind passing
>along to me? I don't have very much experience as a
>blacksmith yet, but I desperately want to learn more
>on the subject. Any advice would be more then
>welcome. Thanks!
Hello, Christopher.
The best way to learn blacksmithing is by getting connected with other
who do it.
I suggest that you go to
formatting link
(Artist Blacksmith Associaiton
of North America) It is the largest blacksmithing
organization in the world.
Click on the "affiliate" link. That will take you to a list of regional
blacksmithing organizations. Find the one closest to you and contact them.
They are all interested in helping people who have genuine interest in
the craft.
Many of them have training programs. Most of them have special events
and conferences, too. At the conferences, they bring in demonstrators
from all over
the USA and from other countries. There are gallerys of local work and,
usually, "tailgate sales" where you can buy equipment, both new and used.
If you are already doing some blacksmithing and would like to improve or
broaden your skills, click on the abana link for "controlled hand
forging". It is an excellent resource for high quality instruction on
the basics.
Many libraries have books on blacksmithing, too. There are many good
titles; "The New Edge of the Anvil" being one that I'd recommend.
My best answer, though, is to get connected with a blacksmithing
organization in your area. Many of the members will have shops of their
own, and if they see that you have a real interest, they will often
offer to have you come to their shop for tutoring.
If you have more detailed questions, don't be afraid to email me again.
If you tell me, in general, what part of the world you live in, I may be
able to point you in the right direction.
Pete Stanaiitis
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