ITC versus Plistix

Does anyone have any comments and/or experience with Plistix and how it
compares to ITC-100? I have read that plistix is good for covering
ceramic fiber in a forge, but I haven't heard anything about the IR
reflectivity as is claimed w/ ITC-100. But regarding that, over time I
would assume that the reflectivity would decrease due to the forge
lining getting dirty, so should IR really be an issue?
Has anyone tried the plistix and have any opinions?
Plistix can be seen:
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I'll be watching this thread to see what others have to say. I've only used satanite over wool and don't really have any complaints with it. The outside of the forge doesn't seem to bleed a lot of heat. Ron Riel told me I'd get much better results with the ITC though. What I did notice was that a forge without something to soak up heat tends to go cold the minute you stick a piece of metal in it and then you have to wait for it to catch up again. I started putting cheap fire brick in the bottom of my forge to "hold" the heat. Takes longer to get the forge up to temp but I like the way it behaves when I'm heating metal a lot better this way.
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