Journeyman course

Hi Guys,
I started the course last night, and I have a lot in common with a few
other people in the class, except I'm a little further along, but that's
cool it means I can help out.
I was asked at one point why am I doing this, I basically said I wasn't
arrogant enough to know everything, and I'm sure to learn something.
In fact I did, I found out that I work better with square section than I
do with round (something for me to work on :-) ), simple exercises make
a square tapered point, and a round tapered point. The round bar I
attempted looked really odd, but the square section bar was perfect.
I showed off some damascus, the micro furnace I made, and a billet in
progress. The instructor said he had a go but found pattern welding too
much work.
It's a good course, and I will be afforded the opportunity to make tools
and mandrels :-)
I also pillaged their scrap bin and took 1/2 a huge bandsaw blade, I
gave the other half to another knife maker in the group. The notable
quote was if it cuts steel it's going to make a great knife. I'll be
able to make 12 utility knives from my pieces :-)
So I'd say a worthwhile first night :-)
Regards Charles
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Hi Guys,
An interesting turn of events, last night work was a lot easier... I took my own hammers. These modified from 2 pound club hammers.
The class project was easier to complete.
I know the old adage "a bad worker always blames his tools", but even the instructor has his favorite hammer.
So I have a little home work from the class, to finish off the project start in class (I'm fortunate enough to have the forges at home).
The time flies in the class, having to wait for the heat source whether it's an oven or a oxy acetylene torch, and chin wagging to the max. :-)
Regards Charles
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