railroad track anvils and my wife.....

What can I say, I try and do my BS projects casually.
When the mood strikes me, or I see a good piece of "roadkill" (scrap
metal tools and other junk people discard) .
But my wife has grown weary of my bringing sections of RR track and
other assorted metal items. But as one who has worked in the
metallurigical arts, I am emotionally attached to that car spring, RR
wheel ball bearing, or that small piece of medical titanium. She has
her dust covers, doilies, pots and pans, ruffles and pictures.
I have my treasure. It happens to be in Old pieces of steel, that
helped build this nation. A technology that is rapidly disapeering. I
hold onto the memory of my grandfather telling me stories of his
childhood, how he would speak of his father and grandfather teaching
him to work hot metal with a BS forge, anvil and hammer.
There is something magical in taking some lump and making it into a
useful item.
My wife just doesnt understand my obssesion with metal.
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Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. :)
OTOH, you might want to try making her a nice Pot Rack complete with "S" hooks or some plant hangers.
A large "basket" with scrolled ends can be cut in two to form a pair of plant stands.
These and similar "projects" can help her come to appreciate your efforts. :)
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Bird feeders are quite popular around my house.
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