G-Code help, 4th axis

? I have no idea what your problem is from, but i noticed your using g56 g57, and one g59?
plus your numbers dont look uniform?
Looks like your going on an angle? But like I said, I don't know what your doing from the post.
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I'm trying to make a CAM. 3" OD pc of steel, with a 3/4" wide slot, .5
deep. I figured I could use an undersized endmill (.611 tbe) and post
out a path for center, left and right.. It didn't work as expected. Its
on size on some of the path, but small on other parts. I guess the A
axis needs to be shifted to compensate for the smaller cutter, but how
can I figure out what needs to be done? All I have is point to point on
the degrees so the controller doesn't have to figure anything out.. I
always run into problems with getting the controller to use cuttercomp
with A axis movement.. So I try to stay away from it as much as possible.
example code:
(main program)
(.611 EM)
G90 G57 G00 A0.
N1 G00 G57 G90 X0.75 Y0.75
S1146 M03
G43 Z1. H1 M07
G00 Z0.1
G01 Z-0.5 F9.1680
M98 P003
G00 Z1.
(.611 EM )
N2 M11
G90 G58 G00 A0.
G90 G58 G00 X0.75 Y0.75
S1146 M03
G43 Z1. H1 M07
G00 Z0.1
G01 Z-0.5 F9.168
M98 P004
G00 Z1.
(.611 EM )
N3 M11
G90 G57 G00 A360.
G90 G59 G00 X0.75 Y0.75
S1146 M03
G43 Z1. H1 M07
G00 Z0.1
G01 Z-0.5 F9.168
M98 P005
G00 Z1.
G91 G28 Z0 M09
G28 Y0 M05
(sub program for running center)
G01A0.0X.75 F191.01
A1.0 X0.75
A2.0 X0.7502
A3.0 X0.7505
A4.0 X0.751
A5.0 X0.7515
A6.0 X0.7522
A7.0 X0.7531
A8.0 X0.754
A9.0 X0.7551
A10.0 X0.7563
A11.0 X0.7576
A12.0 X0.759
A13.0 X0.7606
A14.0 X0.7623
A15.0 X0.7641
A16.0 X0.7661
A17.0 X0.7682
A18.0 X0.7704
A19.0 X0.7727
A20.0 X0.7752
A21.0 X0.7777
A22.0 X0.7805
A23.0 X0.7833
A24.0 X0.7863
A25.0 X0.7894
A26.0 X0.7926
A27.0 X0.7959
A28.0 X0.7994
A29.0 X0.803
A30.0 X0.8068
A31.0 X0.8107
A32.0 X0.8147
A33.0 X0.8188
A34.0 X0.8231
A35.0 X0.8274
A36.0 X0.832
A37.0 X0.8366
A38.0 X0.8414
A39.0 X0.8463
A40.0 X0.8514
A41.0 X0.8566
A42.0 X0.8619
A43.0 X0.8673
A44.0 X0.8729
A45.0 X0.8786
A46.0 X0.8845
A47.0 X0.8905
A48.0 X0.8966
A49.0 X0.9029
A50.0 X0.9093
A51.0 X0.9158
A52.0 X0.9225
A53.0 X0.9293
A54.0 X0.9362
A55.0 X0.9433
A56.0 X0.9506
A57.0 X0.9579
A58.0 X0.9654
A59.0 X0.9731
A60.0 X0.9809
A61.0 X0.9888
A62.0 X0.9969
A63.0 X1.0051
A64.0 X1.0135
A65.0 X1.022
A66.0 X1.0307
A67.0 X1.0395
A68.0 X1.0485
A69.0 X1.0576
A70.0 X1.0668
A71.0 X1.0762
A72.0 X1.0858
A343.0 X0.7682
A344.0 X0.7661
A345.0 X0.7641
A346.0 X0.7623
A347.0 X0.7606
A348.0 X0.759
A349.0 X0.7576
A350.0 X0.7563
A351.0 X0.7551
A352.0 X0.754
A353.0 X0.7531
A354.0 X0.7522
A355.0 X0.7515
A356.0 X0.751
A357.0 X0.7505
A358.0 X0.7502
A359.0 X0.75
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tnik wrote in news:RWs4m.283080$fo6.33534@en-nntp- 09.dc1.easynews.com:
All Y position should be Y0.
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The Deburr Guru
g57,58 and 59 are all the same values, I did that incase I had to make a small adjustment between the three paths.
Yea, thats probably the problem, I'm using a customer supplied cam path and when I was looking at it closer last night, I saw the same thing you saw. I have an onsize .75 cutter coming in today, I'll just use the 5/8 undersize to rough it out.
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It does, after it reaches Z-.5 it leads into the part.
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