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hello out there this is my first post. I have a need for a working EIA ISO CNC program from a Daynapath Delta CNC controller for my VMC TREE 840 I recently purchased BOBCAD Software and am in need of post processor. but in order to get one I must provide to them a working program. I have been programming my machine in conversational for ten years and have no idea how to write one. I would appreciate any help also what does everyone think about BOBCAD CAM. Did I make a mistake. no luck with their support.

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Well, I got Bobcad a LONG time ago. I occasionally use it for making drawings. I rarely use it when my own style of "conversational" programming can't do the job. Bobcad doesn't really need a "post", you can set a few options in the CAM section and it will generate very generic G-code that most any G-code CNC system can accept.

I do almost all 2-D sort of work, making instrument panels, and have written some C programs that write G-code for slots, holes etc. and that takes care of 90% of the CNC I do.


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Jon Elson

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Post your question in the CNC Machining forum on

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for a wider audience.

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Can you get the machine to output the code it creates via conversational?

Try the other web site mentioned by the other poster.

I have found Bobcad to be very helpful when I needed changes to my post processor, many years ago.

Just upgraded to newest version, waiting for my computer guy to get the new 64 bit machine running so I can learn it. I am still on BC V21.

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