Hearing Loss

Has working in a shop caused hearing loss?

Here's a quick way to test your hearing vs. your age.

They are ultrasonic ring tones. Kids are using them so that their teachers and parents can't hear their cell phones ringing.

They are grouped by age. Unfortunately I can't hear too good. If you don't think there's any sound on the younger ages (higher frequencies) just crank it up and see if a kid can hear it. If you have the volume turned up loud enough it will make them yelp in pain. Meanwhile, I can't hear it at all.

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D Murphy
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That's interesting. I can just barely hear the 8khz tone that everyone is supposed to hear - when I turn it up, but NONE of the others. I don't think working in shops has effected my hearing as much as going to watch AAFulers run at the drags when I was young. The noise was so loud that your whole body vibrated to the noise. That, and shooting at a target range without ear protection probably wiped out my hearing.

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I can bearly hear the 39 year and under, and im 41. pretty neat how close they got it. Cool how the loud machines have no effect on the sound.

Im thinking of a scam at the circus? "if I cant guess your age within 7 years you win. Then start the test going down in tones till you see them kinda squirm, then you know their age. Damn, im glad i couldnt hear them anymore, i swear i still hear that shit lol (is my ear bleeding?)

Damn, you could talk to all the kids on tv with secret signals the grownups wouldnt hear. Control their minds with series of tones.

Or an old timer safety self defence device. It freaking "SCREAMS" the tones out, but your over 60 and dont hear a thing.

Horns for cars for those dumbass young punks driving moms suv at 70. its so unbearable they wreck.

Or better yet, run it thru all the bars in town at the low levels, to keep underage folks out of bars. We wont need to show out id's anymore.

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Something is wrong with that site; only the 8 & 10khz works!

As a kid I could tell if the TV was on in a house, just walking by on the sidewalk and hearing that high-pitched note from the transformer... Too many moons & gunshots between then and now. I can still hear tiny buzzing sounds on both ears, only now, I hear them permanently. I caved in to the reading glasses a couple of years ago, now the hearing aids are next on the list. I hear (pun intended) they have come a long way since the ear trumpets?

Come to think of it, it seems kinda waste to checkout with all systems in mint condition. A bit like scrapping a car with permanent seat covers; under the covers the upholstery is like new, but no one ever noticed and now it's too late... It wont happen with this model, I tell ya.

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J. Nielsen

Well when the ghetto basters are louder than compressed air blowing coolant off of parts, damn right.


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Dan, Really interesting! I can hear up to 12Khz, I'm 54. I recognized my hearing loss two years ago when I realized I was having a hard time understanding people in a noisy plant. I've worn hearing protection a lot but apparently not enough.

I wonder about hearing in the other direction, low frequencies. As I understand it I have trouble hearing consonants, not vowels. Surprisingly I have trouble understanding people with accents now, that I never did before.

Gary H. Lucas

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Gary H. Lucas

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