Machinists Josb in Iraq

Immediate openings available for positions in Iraq, with potential annual income opportunities of $90,000.

LSI is looking for skilled Machinists who put pride and excellence into their work. If you are interested in an opportunity to reach your goals while serving your country, then please consider this outstanding opportunity.

The Machinist supervises and performs the fabrication, welding, repair, and modifications of metallic and non-metallic parts and supervises metalworking shop activities.

The machinist fabricates, repairs, and modifies metallic and nonmetallic parts, utilizing such machines as engine lathes, utility grinders, power cutoff saws, armature under-cutters, arbor and hydraulic presses, drill presses, and their associated attachments, accessories, and tools.

Machinists must observe and follow all safety rules and procedures, including wearing required personal safety equipment.

Working Conditions

Candidates interested in the outstanding opportunities for personal reward and service to country that this position offers should carefully consider the hardships associated with overseas working conditions. Extreme danger, stress, physical hardships and possible field living conditions are associated with this position within a desert camp complex.

Job Requirements This is a position with a physical rating of heavy. Candidates must have a minimum of three (3) years experience in fabrication, welding and modifications of metallic and non-metallic parts. Candidates should have experience in the Army 44E Series MOS, or equivalent.

All branches of service are encouraged to apply. Must have thorough knowledge of Army technical publications related to machinists.

Must have a U.S. passport.

Must have a valid US drivers license.

Must be able to pass a physical exam due to the harsh living and working conditions.

Must pass a pre-employment criminal background check and drug screen.

This is a one (1) year assignment.

Veterans who have served in Combat Arms, Combat Support and Combat Service Support units are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in joining our elite team, please click the ?apply now? button to link to this position on our corporate website. We ask that you complete our short online application in order to be considered for this opportunity

Company Overview EG&G/ LSI is a major U.S. federal government contractor for systems engineering and technical assistance, and operations and maintenance services. EG&G/LSI's services include the management of military installations and ranges, logistics and distribution center operations, program management and acquisition support for weapons systems, maintenance of military equipment, flight training for military pilots, and services related to global threat reduction and homeland defense. In 2007, EG&G/LSI was awarded to G.I. Jobs Top 50 military friendly employers, a prestigious list consisting of the top 50 best private sector companies to launch a post-military career.

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