manual for Roland pnc-3000?

Hi- I am looking at buying an old, pnc-3000 CAMM-3 CNC Benchtop mill and
if i can get it to work, ill buy it, i think it was manufactured in '87.
i have absolutly no documentation for it and would like to know if anyone
has any idea where i could find a manual or anything at all. It supposedly
works, but i have no idea even where to start. I did look at the
manufacturers website and have goodled it numerous times using just about
every combination of search terms but i come up with nothing... I almost
forgot about the best place to look- HERE! if i cant find anytning here,
then it doesnt exist lol.
PS- I have been given the task of selling an "autocrib" that works like a
vending machine for tooling. you fill it up with your tooling, plug a
computer with the min/max software and it will take care of itself. users
swipe a badge/or punch in password to get tooling.
i believe it can automatically notify your tooling vendor when levels get
low and they can re-order. If anyone is interested, reply and i will
get you the info you need. it will go extremly cheap (
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