Mori arm changer error

Mori MV. Accurate as the day it was new, but is showing some wear in the non-precision bits..

At startup, the tool carousel, when cycling to pot #1, drifts past, and slowly runs out of steam (coasting essentially as the motor backs off) Like it misses the limit switch cam position notch, so the motor stops, and the carousel glides to a stop. I can manually push the carousel to the next pot station, it locks, and it is fine then.

After the first cycle of the day, the problem never occurs again. Timing issue? The carousel has always been a curious mystery to me. Semi related, sometimes the ATC cycle doesn't complete, according to the control. the cycle HAS completed, but the control shows that it hasn't. I can clear the two error DGN paramenters, and it is fine. Only happens rarely during MDI, not when running a program....odd.

Any suggestions what to look for?


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Try intermittant microswitchs, sticky hydraulic valves, things out of adjustment.


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I have a MV40 (well my employer does) The tool change arm is stopped by switching in DC to an ac motor. There is a relay involved and it goes bad. If your carousel has that issue it may be the same thing. I'm at home atm. Do you have a MV40? If so I'll look at my prints tomorrow since I have to work after we got rid of 1/3 of the plant.... Another story. Likely familiar to many.


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