Networking of Haas CNC

Anyone tried networking Haas CNC with Ethernet? If so, troubles, problems, or tips on installation?

Wil be using Windows networking to switch with static IP.

Thanks, samurai.

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The trouble I ran into is it doesnt alphabetize the files on the network. We have one of those setups where our network guy has all of our files on the network organized into job numbers by year..all the way back to 1999, Basically it's a giant pile of job number directories, hundreds and hundreds of job number directories. Problem is windows doesn't Physically store that stuff alphabetically, It looks alphabetical on a pc reading it, but not the haas. Really pissed me off because there's defrag programs out there that will physically do it, just not the defrag that comes with windows. I could not get him to do it on his end? Sometimes I just don't get it I guess?

It's a simple fix if you have the ability to do it yourself or your network guy actually tries to make other peoples job's easier, not just his own. (trying not to sound negative)

It's the only problem I found, the rest ran seemlessly. I recommend it if you don't run into the homegrown problem I had. I would suggest to Haas to fix this if they havn't already. Who knows, maybe they have a fix for it?

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