new equipment blues

When a shop gets a new piece of equipment, or machine, that's a new type, weird things happen. First the management forgets about everything, but that new machine. Then they usually put a person on it that will give results. Years ago they put young people on them and trained from scratch, but now they look for results. So the person they pick is not usually the long term person. Meanwhile... Weirdos start to show their "bitchness". What I mean is things like people start wispering, saying stupid shit because in their warped minds they think this chosen person has been given something like a new xbox. They forget this poor f*ck will have to deal with things that need fixed, tweaked and setup. Starting a new process is a real pain in the ass. NOBODY ever gives anybody more money for learning a new process, not in this trade anyway. Then you get spite. SPITE SUCKS. I will bitch slap over spite. An example: You get given a rediculously hard thing to do, and when you say "damn, I just got on this thing" the spitefuls say crap like "It should be easy on that new machine, thats what it's made to do". That's spite.

I usually avoid like the plague new machines because of this human factor.

What made me think of this is we got a new machine, and I already have a full plate, and cannot run their new machine. I can "get" it up and running, but then I need to pass the baton after a couple of weeks. So, we have a guy who did 80% of the lathe work on our conversational, and he did pretty good work. Well, he's wispering, saying stupid spiteful shit, etc... So I kinda get the impression this friggen child wants to run it. Sounds good to me. So I ask him, "would you like some mastercam training so you can...." He butts in "OH HELL NO! No way!!! That stupid shit isn't gonna happen, NO WAY!"

I'm stupified at his responce. I wonder if Germany has this problem with their toolmakers. My guess is no.

Makes me ashamed.

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A lot of this sounds just like the IT business, where the new super- whats-it is going to make everything fantastic, and never does. It just costs piles of $$ and takes a shit-load of time just to become as productive with it than what you used before. By the time you do become proficient with it management has been sold another 'brilliant' idea ...

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Jessica Wabbit

wonder what percentage of the german toolmakers are turkish and east european immigrants

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Zig Heil! No way, they are the first - still - to jump on the band wagon of technology.

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