Newest Refurb project

I dug out my OM Larios mill from storage today (another story..geeeze)
and set it out in my repair area for a rebuild and grooming. I sold my
Clausing 8540 (30 taper) small horizontal miller last week, making room
for this 40 taper carcass.
It originally was the master tool makers mill from when Garcia-Mitchell
was still in California..and I bought it for $150 a couple years ago. As
I was loading it up..the original owner..the master tool maker, now with
his own shop...told me to load up the cabinet next to it as well. When I contained every attachment, tool and whatnot that Larios
ever made for this mill. Verticle head, live/linked gear cutter,
arbors, tool holders, name it. That damned cabinet
weighed nearly as much as the mill!!
When I got it home..I carefully covered all the working parts with
thick grease to protect the ways, slides, gears etc etc.
The Italians made a very nice mill..however..they once again
demonstrated that they had NO clue about electricity..putting the
controls on the left side of the base of the mill...which made putting
the old girl in a corner...out of the question.....
This thing has a 8x 42" table...full power on all axis...laid out
neater than a Cinci. Except..for the controls...sigh.
So Im going to have to strip off the partially stripped,
repaint, build a new electrical control thats actually usable, put the
table back on it and put it to work after tuning.
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Glad Ive got a holiday to work on it. Behind it are a DoAll
bandsaw..discontinued in 1953... and an OmniTurn retrofitted Hardinge
HC that needs paint and a tune up.
Happy happy happy!! Lots to do!
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Oh..I forgot to mention..Ive got (4) Miller AC welders..2 Thunderbolts and 2 M-225s for sale..visible in the picture up on the bench.
All work, but have no leads, clamps or stingers. Came out of a school. $100 each. Beat the shit out of the old Lincoln AC-225 buzzbox, they have fans, power and controls. Just the thing for 6013 or 6011 rod and a tight budget. I probably have some rod stingers, maybe a ground clamp or two..but Im low on cable. Buy the stingers, plugs and ground clamps on Ebay for $25, add some cable and for less than $ will have a welder that kicks the shit out of the Lincoln buzzbox.
Located near Bakersfield, California, can bring em down to So. Cal for a few bucks for gas.
Oh...nearly forgot....
I also have a Lincoln Idealarc 250..AC/DC full fledged stick welder on a tricycle factory cart. Has stinger, ground and probably 25' of cable. Ugly bitch, really needs a spray can of red paint splooged on it..but it works a treat and is a joy to weld with. Came out of that factory I took down this summer.
Looks like this one..ugly though....
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Id toss in some rod too, for a beginner. Proably a 50lb can or so.
$250 obo. Same as above..near Bakersfield, or I can drag it down to So Cal for gas money.
If you are in the area..come on by and Ill fire em all up, let you weld any of em. Ive got a set of cables for my personal Thunderbolt (service truck welder) that we can use to test the machines until you are happy with them.
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Guess this means you've already finished rebuilding your departed friend's lathe. Of course that was just a small job
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Karl Townsend
Nope..thats somewhere around #4 on the list. The mill gets done first, because I need it to do Stuff on the other 2 things. Then the OmniTurn, because when its done..I should be able to sell it for $9k. Gonna need that money if things get any slower.
The DoAll..gonna need an entire flat back remanufactured. The original cast iron one held the pulleys, change overs and whatnot for the 2 speed gear box..wood to metal change over. And Ill do that on the horizontal mill, getting it layed out properly, then tig welding the shafts, mounts and other Stuff that were originally cast into the original cast iron plate..which had been broken at least 2x, based on the welds. Im simply gonna wack out a new one out of plate steel, drilling, boring and welding the Stuff necesary. Then Ill paint it and sell it. Ought to get about $900-1400 for it. Maybe a bit more. Its a 24" bandsaw.
Got a nice Walker Turner as well, but its in storage and only needs new bearings on the blade guides, etc etc..minor stuff. Thats way down the list.
The OmniTurn, needs paint..check the ballscrews, etc etc..probably buy new sheet metal and refurb the slide. Ways are ok..not sure about the ballscrews. Needs a better coolant pump..probably going to hunt around for an original Hardinge pump. Some of the HCs had the pump In the bed..this one has an external pump sticking out of the end of the lathe base. Hardinge didnt make very many of them this way...real pain in the ass.
The a 13x30" lathe. Cant find a damned manual anywhere for it. So Im going to have to do it slowly and carefully. Ill have to clean up the wet in a rain storm last week and has some rust on it now..damnit..repaint everything, then start putting the head back together, then the apron and slide, then the gear box, then the vari drive, motor and whatnot. So its a project that Ill be doing a bit here and there over the next year or so. Im in no rush. I do need to get a belt for the 1501 Clausing...found a belt number (thanks guy!) that may..may be the right one. One place wants $76 for it..Clausing wants $108 plus shipping, others want $58, so far what Ive found. My normal place was closed havent been able to check all of my sources. I probably should pour a concret slab out in the shop as well, to put it on. Not a really big one..maybe 3x7', about 5" thick. Shrug..I can do that easily..but will have to mvoe a bunch of stuff around so I can place a form, and have room for the mixer. My "shop" is a 14x54' carport..with a 2' grade from end to end..and a dirt floor. So Ive been pouring a slab each time I put in a permanant machine tool. Its cheap enough..shrug. Fortunately Im when a machine is 4" taller than its supposed to be..Its still within my working envelope.
The Hardinge HLV-H and the TFB are good lathes..but Ive had some work come in that needs a bigger the 15x52 Clausing 1501 is needed. Shrug..its been sitting out there for 4 yrs without being run...and now Im starting to need it. Ive got a 8.5hp VFD to put on it..had it for a couple years 5hp rotory converter simply isnt up to running the 7.5hp motor on the lathe...starts up slowly in 2 gears...but direct drive...simply wont run it.
The Larios horizontal mill has a 3hp motor in thats not an issue for the rotory converter. Ive got some 3-5 hp VFDs..but not sure its worth putting one on the mill.
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Hope you're better than what happens to my #4 - kiss of death. My #1 from the summer was getting my CNC plasma going. Then the better half found the high tunnel greenhouse she always dreamed of - new #1. Turns out ot have a ton of sub projects that will take most of the winter. Then I got another #1 - learning to reload ammo. Then I got another #2 my portable air compressor is on its last legs, need a new one. With luck I'll get back to the plasma next July. What ever was #2 last summer ain't ever gonna happen. Let alone 3 or 4
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