b&s #9 taper converted to R8

Greetings all,
Last summer I bought a nice little horizontal mill. The spindle taper
was a Brown & Sharpe #9. Looking up the taper info for the #9 taper
and the R8 taper shows that the R8 taper is larger than the #9 taper
at the back and the front. In the middle, where it doesn't matter, the
#9 taper is larger. Anyway, after testing the spindle for hardness it
turns out it was amenable to machining with carbide. So I removed the
spindle and set it up in the lathe with the chuck holding the back end
and the steadyrest supporting the front. After indicating the chuck
end to .0001 runout I machined the taper out to R8. Bluing up a solid
shank R8 taper tool enabled me to get the taper right on. Now all the
existing R8 tooling in the shop can be used in the horizontal mill as
well as the bridgeport mill.
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Eric R Snow
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Was the mill a clausing???
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Terry Keeley

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