OT..How come we still export oil to Japan?

The oil companies say the exports are minimal ....BS. They are transporting Alaskan crude to Japan and replacing it with OPEC oil. They say it is not
an export because they offset it with import and since the oil is much closer to Japan it makes sense to export it then buy imported oil that arrives much closer to the refinery. Sounds OK if you take it at face value ... but look a little closer at this ponzi scheme.
The taxpayers< you+me > paid lots of money to develop the facilities in Alaska because we were promised it would less our need for foreign crude. Standard Oil realized they were not members of OPEC so how could they justify charging OPEC prices for domestic crude to the same people that subsidized the drilling and pipeline. Easy ... ship the oil to Japan and charge the Japs OPEC prices then import what we need at OPEC prices.
Big OIL does that with alot of domestic oil. Think about it ...Standard is getting OPEC prices for crude they suck out of this country not Saudi but this countries ground and no one seems to care. Well, I care ... the OIL companies care so little about the working class and our economy that the Billions made overseas is not enough, they want more, even if it comes at the cost of this countries people.
Of course big oil will deny they don't care and they can't help but make a profit. They love it when oil hits new highs.. after all, they only make 15% profit on a barrel of oil. I look at it this way ,, if the oil companies make $15 when gas was $1 a gallon then if gas is $4 a gallon they make $60. Not bad. I takes the same amount of work but they make 4X as much money.
I'm all for companies making a profit but they are committing Treason and extortion
For God's sake can we save this country before China and the Arabs own it?
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