Ping vinny or anyone else in florida

I'm looking for a shop in florida that has at least a 13.5-14.0" stroke
shaper. I have these parts that have 2 3.25" slots in them and with the
thickness of the part being 13" and the length of the slots being at 16"
we cant create the 3/16" radius in the corners. The slots are open on
one end. we left .03 at the bottom of the slot, and a full radius.
I do have a mock drawing I can send if anyone is interested or doesn't
understand my description.
Any info is greatly appriciated.
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Sinker EDM?
-- Bill
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I'm clueless when it comes to shapers. deep are the pockets? And what are the dimensions of the block? What's the material? Unless I'm confused, is this what you mean? .375 X 16. X 3.25deep pockets.
If that was correct... What you might want to do is run down it with a 3/8 shell mill, leaving an inch or 2 of material at the end of the pocket, but finishing the rest. Then edm the 2inches at the end of the pockets. Wheel the block up next to the edm with die carts, and hook it up with a good set of jumper cables. Rig up some foil wrap around it to catch the oil in a bucket so you can poor it back in. Get 2 buckets. Make an aluminum bar to hold your electrode over your part. If the block isn,t too heavy, seems you can get away with a bridgeport mill and any cheap ram edm. Do you have access to those?
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Your close on the size.. the block weighs close to a ton, and the slots are 3.25 wide, 16. long, and 13.375 deep with a 3/16" radius in the corners.. send me an email and I'll send ya over a drawing.
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I really don't know Bill.. I would think wire EDM would be the only way.. I'm not sure how a sinker EDM works.
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Did Yoni design that part?????? 3/16R in the corner!!!!!!!! Blind slot or thru slot? You could do it "old school", that is, make a tool with a smaller, known rad on the corner, and step and plunge broach the corner in say, .02 increments. But that is still a lot of tool hanging out of the machine!!
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