Line Fonts in SW2003 SP3.1

This is my first post, so apologies in advance for any errors.

We are using SW2001 SP6 for production, whilst evaluating SW2003 for stability, with the intention of switching over when this is acceptable. With each SP release this seems to have improved, and I am now at the the point where I am fairly happy to switch over.

The only problem that is stopping us (I realise there are other issues but they are not ones that effect us too greatly) is not being able to show line fonts correctly.

Although drawings created by SW 2003 at earlier SPs (0 & 1) and in SW2001 SP6, can be opened in 2003 SP3.1 and display line fonts correctly (and allow them to be edited correctly), drawing views produced from models created in the latest SP will only dislay with thin solid lines for all entity types (hidden, tangent etc.). I cannot find a way to change this behaviour when they are created, or after they are created, by editing. However, sketch entities in these drawings are editable - width, dotted, phantom etc. but model edges are not.

Is it me, has a new function / switch been incorporated which I haven't found that now needs to be set to allow default drawing settings to display, or is this a bug?

Have looked for a thread on this one but no luck, so guess it may be the former rather than the latter.

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Jon Ross
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Thanks for help.

You got me thinking.

The templates were okay, but the line font settings you get from right clicking on the part in the feature tree overide the template settings. Returning these to default gave the correct line font.

Thanks again.

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Jon Ross

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