SW2003 anomaly

I have an old assembly that I made with SW2000, but I just installed SW2003 SP0 and now It seems that it can't open or create any assembly, the assembly template is gone, a message pops up tellingme that the system can't recognize this file/format. I've reinstalled this version almost twice but always is the same, I can edit only parts, not assembly...

Any insight on what's going on would be appreciated. I've a P4 512MB ram with Windows XP professional



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Try a different installation CD... I've heard of this happening before, in that case the installation files on a server were apparently corrupted; installing directly from the CD fixed it.

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Denny Trimble

It may be that your assembly template got over-written with the 2000 format, and 2003 can't deal with it. There have been some posts in this group about not being able to jump multiple revs of SW... you may need to convert from SW2000 to SW2001 or SW2001+, and then to SW2003.

search old messages in this group for more detail.

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