So are we free to talk about what we are not supposed to know, what everyone knows is out

have to tread lightly, less the powers that be come down upon me with
great vengence and furios anger...(hhahah...j/k) Seriously though,
if the pre-release is out for subscription service, the beta forum is
no longer up, but the last thing i want to do iss post up again about
what is new and all.
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Arthur Y-S
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fyi, beta forum is still up
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kenneth b
Just logged into Subsciption site and could find Beta Forum anywhere. There is the regualar Solidworks Disscusion Form though, sure you werent getting that mixed up?
Larry Jedik Currier Plastics Inc.
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Larry Jedik
i just logged in to be sure,
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it's still open, there are a few posts with aug 7 date
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kenneth b
There is a 2004 Pre-Release forum in the subscription service users forum
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N. Jones
Arthur Y-S quipped:
talk all you want.
there's no NDA (that I saw anyways) when I d/led the pre-release.
the license you click thru just seems to be the typical one-user, not a foreigner, etc type.
--nick e.
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Nick E.

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