Anyone know what these are called?

Does anyone know what they call the little nut/stud thingies which hold
parallel and serial cables in place? They sometimes also hold the
sockets against a panel.
Hex bar about 5mm a/f and 5mm long with an internal thread which the
thumbscrews in the plug go into, some also have an externally threaded
porion about m3 and 8mm long at one end, tho' I'm pretty sure it's an
imperial thread not m3.
I'm looking for about 50, if anyone knows where to buy them, but it's
hard when you don't know what they are called!
Also, does anyone know what thread is used?
--Peter Fairbrother
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Peter Fairbrother
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PCB standoff spacers
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you will find them at the bottom of the page I think they are usually 3mm thread but maybe available in other sizes.
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No, that's not them.
I saw some "DSM_DSB D-Sub metal standoffs" on the page, which look like the right things (and the D-sub bit sounds right), but they are available in several sizes and thread types, including M3 and # 4-40 - which is correct, if either?
I would assume all parallel and serial cable connectors (and VHS ones, come to think of it) use the same thread, for interchangability. Also the function of the bits is not to stand anything off, but to hold the connectors together - so maybe not.
Also, I'd prefer something I can just buy rather than have to ask for a quote ... I only want 40.
Thanks anyway,
-- Peter F
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Peter Fairbrother
They are called D-sub jack posts. They come in various thread sizes but the one you are describing will be 4-40. Maplin has them, but longer than you want and at a price you will not wish to pay
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Regards, Alan.
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Alan Ibbetson
RS carry them, but the site is down this evening (month end?). I seem to remember last time I needed some the Maplin ones were cheaper than RS. Occasionally pop up on ebay. The thread is an American 'sellars' thread 4-40 UNC.
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Andrew Mawson
How about these from CPC?
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I did a search for d-sub posts and got a selection.
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Rodney Pont
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£1.32 for a pack of 10.
They also do the jack posts if that's what you are after.
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Surprisingly even cheaper for a more complex component.
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Dave Baker

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