Does anyone know what these Miniature lego bricks are?

I have found some tiny little lego bricks that say lego on them. I have a variety of colors, but have never seen such tiny bricks. Does anyone know the history of these? What dates were these manufactured during?

Thanks, Tim

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They are probably Modulex bricks made by lego. The following is from a Google search.

MODULEX Company founded in 1963 by the LEGO company. Modulex is for many LEGO-fans synonymous to miniature LEGO bricks (size of a 2x4 brick: 2.0x1.0x0.5 cm). The miniature bricks have letters on them allowing a company to change the text on signs easily, later Modulex also creates permanent signs to the customer's preferences. Today Modulex, as system, is widely used for lettering boards, signs etc. in many companies worldwide.

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Ken Rice (Ken Rice):

Interesting. Although I've seen such signs and planning boards, I didn't knew that they're actually made by Lego.

How large are these compared to "Megabloks Nano"? Has anyone here tried the Nano sets?

Axel Norway

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I've done some Nano models. The little studs are painful on my thumbs to click together, but they have the correct "stickiness" and they function exactly as do LEGOs. The plastic boxed kits come with a magnifying lense in the case lid and a brick seperator tool for Nano scale bricks, which is quite valuable to any builder.

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Larry Marak

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