What *does* dissolve Lego?

So I have two small boys and a fair bit of Lego, which I unwisely allowed them to take into the bathtub. Now the drain is clogged and I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a piece of Lego down there wrapped in some sort of hideous gunk. Does anyone know if serious drain cleaner (e.g. a concentrated NaOH and KOH mixture) will dissolve the stuff?



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Richard Wesley
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my suggestion: go to the hardware store and see if they have a tool which has an extendable claw that you can extend and grab the gunk. at worst, try long needlenose pliers.

the lego is made of acetebutyl styrene (sp?)... the drainage pipes are typically made of PVC schedule 40... they are two different plastics, so there should be a solvent that will be safe if you have no other choice.

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It's going to take a lot of toxic solvent - and a lot of time to melt down a Lego piece.

The claw idea should work best - or you can remove the pipe and clean it out that way.

It's not going to smell good either way.

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Neb Okla

I can't help but think of that poor lego block... trapped alone in the dark, with someone plotting it's demise......

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If you want you can come to my house and dig through the vacuum bag for the white half-pin that I accidentally sucked up last weekend. It's near the top - but if you tear the bag, you have to replace it - I'm on the last one.

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Neb Okla

There can't be many individual bricks however which have garnered such interest on an international scale.

Carefully dismantle your drain and photograph the entire procedure, then put it on the web for all to see :)

we dont even know what piece the poor helpless trapped block is (this could cause a public backlash if you live stream the procedure and after all the effort it turns out to be a Megabolox block)

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James Stacey

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