Re: Is SP 4.0 the last SP for 2003?

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The problem with waiting is that you don't get to enjoy the advances made in the newer stuff. You mention that 2001+SP6 is pretty good. How true, but what are you foregoing to stay there? At what point will you jump into SW2004? Wait for SP4? There are a lot of neat things in SW2003 that are working very well. Not saying you are wrong, by any means, just food for thought. My personal opinion is that there will be at least one more SP for SW2003, maybe even two.


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Wayne Tiffany

Points are all well accepted. However, the hollering and gnashing of teeth from the newsgroup which greeted the early releases/SP of 2003 was rather dismaying. Hence the reluctance to step into shark infested waters during a project both complex ( arent they all?) and late (ditto). malcolm

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+1 here. 2001+ SP6 is good enough fot us, and I have the greatest fears of crashes.

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Jean Marc BRUN

Keep in mind as well that by in large, newsgroup comments are more apt to be negative. People come and write when they encounter a problem, not vise versa. Also, the newgroup population as a subset of the SW community as a whole is relatively small.

New advances in sw2003 have made a big impact in my workload. Multi part bodies and more advanced boolean options have made a real difference.

I've (personally) found 2003 to be very stable. Not perfect by any stretch but that's why I save!!

Although like you say if your in the middle of a big or long project you probably made the right choice. My turnover rate is fast so I'm typically not on one project for a long time.


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