cosmetic thread question

SW 05, sp3.1. I have a drawing of a mold assembly. I have eyebolt holes
(1/2-13 thread) that I moved after creating my drawings. I had inserted the
cosmetic threads into the drawing before making the change. Now I still see
the cosmetic thread in the old location. I also cannot get them to appear in
the new location.
I know that I can hide the old cosmetic thread, but would like to get it to
appear in the corect location. Seems like we only get one sot at inserting
cosmetic threads, and that they are not editable in drawings.
I am getting tired of how lame cosmetic threads are. Not parametric at all.
One solution would be to never insert them into the drawing until you know
that nothing will change.
Is there something I am missing here?
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John Kreutzberger
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