POLL...What brand of cutters do you use?

If you have time, please participate. I expect a lot of good coming from this post.

Ok, What brand of cutters do you use? Please list the specific application that cutter is used for. I hope this post takes off, this is good group collective info we all could use if everyone participates. And If you got a BADASS cutter we all need to hear about, by all means TELL US!!!

******************** Hardmilling : Mitsubishi and OSG. I like the OSG the best, but they are real hard to get. The mits cutters are da chit, but they have very limited lengths, and for some reason they clear cutters back minimum of .5, .7 etc... Weird. But we just found out MSC has lots of OSG cutters, so we might be going back to osg. (mostly metric)

Graphite: Crystallume diamond grown. But not the thick ones, they came out with a diamond thickness in the middle, they last forever and are real sharp. (mostly english)

Lathe: Right now, we get iscar. I like the quality, but hate the damn numbers on the inserts. It's insane filling out purchase reqs. (mostly metric)

Regular mill: We use garr. They are ok, but the damn things are undersized .0005 or so. Its like they are using the same cutters for regular and diamond, by the time they dip or grow the diamond on they are to size.?? (mostly english)

Flycutters: Mitsubishi all the way. I suggest anyone flycutting anything, check out the mits flycutters. We are talking science, real science, real quality. Impressive. (english)

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