POLL...What brand of toilet paper do you use?

No TP for me at home. I rigged up a bidet. My ass is WAY cleaner than is possible by wiping. Toilet paper is disgusting, you're just smearing shit around using dry paper. Sure, it gets the bulk of it, but you're going to leave some.

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If you have time, please participate. I expect a lot of good coming from this post.

Ok, What brand of toilet paper do you use? Please list the specific application that toilet paper is used for. And if you got a BADASS case of diarrhea we all need to hear about, by all means TELL US!!!

Wiping your ass the next morning after having spent the night out drinking > pitchers of cheap domestic draft beer: > Cleaning the drool off your chin : > Regular every day bowel movements : > Cleaning spilt coffee off of your keyboard :

I hope this post takes off--this is good group collective info we all could use if everyone participates.

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Uhh Clem

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