Speed & feed for Stainless 13-8 MO ??

Recommendations / experiences with turning 13-8 MO stainless? Including
threading. Cliff can you dig up some speeds & feed info?
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clay wrote in news:AxNNj.1736$NU2.1393 @news01.roc.ny:
How hard?
Assuming soft 150-200 HB:
Rough Turning - 450 SFM up to .015" per rev. Finish Turning - 525 SFM Single Point Threading - 90 SFM Drilling HSSCO - 50 SFM Carbide - 125 SFM
You can also use cermets. Particularly if you are cutting it hard. Dead soft it tends to be gummy and prone to tearing. Not at all unlike custom 455, 17-4PH, or 440C.
Chip control will be an issue, particularly finish turning and single point threading.
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D Murphy

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