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Many months ago... Loooong time..

We had a thread about toe nail problems. It was quite an involved thread.

So! ...

I have additional information I would like to pass on. It WORKS! The info. is from my Nurse Practioner from Kaiser.

This is about thick nails caused from Athelete's Foot fungus.

According to the NurseP. the nail has a sealed top surface. After you dissolve the surface, then you can penetrate the nail into the fungus area and treat it.

This treatment uses ALL over the counter meds. "Carmol 20" is a moisturizing cream which helps dry skin and also dissolves the top layer of the nail. Then "Lamisil" cream can penetrate the nail and work on the fungus.

Application is every day and for months. After the first couple of weeks my feet were feeling much better. I actually enjoyed standing on them. The treatment needs to be until the nail grows out. Long time..

I hope some of you find this useful.

Best regards,


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