VMC test cuts, HP, Torque Curve, feed and speed; WAS: Why is Jon Banquer is such an idiot !!!!

Just ran a quick sample, comparing the spindle load meter, rpm & feed
to illustrate why torque curve is important for roughing cycle
material removal rates.
On these sample cuts I used 6061 material and the EXACT SAME DOC, WOC,
tool, etc. on all;
8,000 RPM 90 IPM = 150% on Load meter
6,500 RPM 90 IPM = 100% LOAD
5,200 RPM 135 IPM = 95% LOAD
4,000 RPM 170 IPM = 100% LOAD
So, roughing has a higher material removal rate with lower RPM and
higher chip load.
On this finish cuts............let er go!
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Do a real video like Bob Wolcott has done or hit the road with your worthless test.
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ROFLMAO........only a matter of time till you ask for a video clue. You going to ask for a cartoon next?
No video needed, run the test yourself, that's why I put it out there so ANYONE can do it (it's called peer review). anyone can recreate it for themselves.
Bob Wolcott's video is comparing apples to oranges (Haas Vs. Makino) and they are not performing the same, WELL DUH ! all you need do is look at the machine specs and you (should) know they are two different class machines. (FUCK) You're dumber than a rock Jon.
You must be one of those guys having never set foot in a machine shop, one day you were picked up off the street, given a computer and CAM program and told "OK now you're a machinist". For years now, you've blindly, cluelessly been mouse clicking away since.
I mean you call yourself a programmer Jon, if you are going to program you should already know what the machine is capable of ?
It's easy to see why you kept bumping your head on the HAAS, you hadn't a clue, you never read and/or understood the machine specs. You were trying to get the machine to make cuts it isn't capable of and to know that all you need do is look at the machine specs. It's called a "PEBCAK" error (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard) and Jon, you are that PEBCAK error.
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