Way covers need wipers.....

Awl --

Between the telescoping covers being perty banged up in places, and the wipers having deteriorated on their own, most are gone. These covers (fadal 3016) are pretty heavy-duty gauge SS, very 'spensive.

Inyone improv their own wipers? I have idears on how to do it -- some kind spring steel, pressing down nylon or sumpn at the lip of each telescoping section -- but wondering if there is a slamdunk way to do it.

Am I killing the machine without the wipers? On the covers I've taken off, shit appeared pretty pristine... but who knows later on....

Oh, just replacing the wipers oem?? Proly water under the bridge with all the heating/banging out I've had to do, and even in the best scenario, proly not a great solution, given that I wadn't overly impressed with that part of the construction to begin with. For that amount of money, some kind of spring-loaded ditty shoulda been possible....

In my ideal diy solution, I'd be able to change the wipers outright, every 6 mos or so. The Q is, getting it done....

Heh, mebbe a long windshield wiper, held in place somehow?? I could then let my car mechanic replace them.... LOL!!

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Not familiar with wipers on way covers, but oil-soaked stiff felt is the usual thing on lathe carriages. And you're right, they need to be cleaned and/or changed periodically. Somebody in Home Shop Machinist was selling the felt wipers, MSC or one of the other outfits might have just the felt material that you can whack your own out of. If the cover is truly a cover, there shouldn't be that much stuff that needs to be wiped off the ways.


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You can buy lengths of wiper material in lots of sizes and shapes.

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Ned Simmons

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For manual mills & lathes, the traditional material was heavy felt, which you can buy from McMaster Carr. Soaked in way oil, they keep the swarf out of the fiddle bits, and lay down a thin film of way oil while they are at it.

Doug White

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Doug White


This suggestion came up recently:

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Some years back I posed the question this way. "Where do you get felt?"

I got some interesting answers. :-)


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Call Gortite, they already will know the lip size, material and form that was used by Fadal and will promptly send you some new strips at a very reasonable price.

Carefully spread the mild steel retainer using a wide wood chisel or similar, working gradually from one end to the other, prying it upwards just enough to get all of the old material out.....

Once the new strip is in position, use an aluminum block and a fairly large hammer to gradually re-close the retaimer strip. crimping the new material in place...finally, if desired, you can stake it by making small divots every couple inches or so with a dull center punch

BTW the cover is NOT stainless.

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