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Informative survey on metal working trends
in pdf format. you will need to have a reader installed to open. free reader download at be sure to get one for your O/S survey report Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software for your Windows,...
Interesting ad
New tooling ad with several videos just hit my mailbox which should be of interest, even if beyond the reach of home machinists. Shows how your CNC lathe with spindle indexing and live tooling can cut...
Hyundai lathe turret fixed
Not even sure why I'm posting here. This will get lost in all the OT BS. Posted back in 2010 on my turret indexing problems with my Hyundai HIT-18S lathe. Seems the splined shaft/flange was worn out -...
Machining Content...2.5 Axis example, 2 setups, 1 setup on fixture runnning 48 pcs. per, 2nd setup in CarveSmart Jaws running 6 pcs. per.
A repeat job so we made a fixture that holds 8 blanks of 6 pcs each for a total of 48 pcs per cycle. Hardware used on the fixture are rails and OKK clamps from MiteeBite. Fixture shown here with 8 saw...
CNC Machining Examples
1st video: Golf Club 5 axis moves....made the 1st part out of aluminum to test out a new (CAM) 5 axis post. The actual clubs are made from solid block of stai nless. This first setup shown in the...
Hey Friends, Please Fill Out My Metalworking Machinery Brand Survey!
Sheet Metalworking Machines Brand Survey
More 3d printing info
I was surfing the web, and came across this 3d printer blog that may be of interest to the groups. Has news about hobby and commercial applications. provide in-depth information about 3D...
Where the manufacturing jobs are going
Two articles showing where the manufacturing (and shortly other jobs such as fast food) jobs are going. Computers are replacing semiskilled workers, leading to gross inequality. Ultra-customised...
Got the part to fix my lathe
I put it off as long as I could. Finially ordered the "gear and flange" that holds and rotates the turret. Price went down almost $200 from when I had it quoted last year. YEA!. Now I just have to get...
Geopath mill part stop
I'm using an older version of Geopath from 2003. Trying to output code for a part stop. Rapid a 3/8 pin to .1 above the part, spindle off, coolant off, rapid down .5, M0 (position the part against the...
3D printing demo at NY convention center tomorrow!
CarveSmart Quick Change Jaw System
Been using this product for a while now. Very pleased with the performance and cost. For soft jaws Instead of buying and/or machining jaws to fit a vise we just cut extruded material to what ever...
How to load shake down tape?